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Full Paper Submission:
15th April 2019     
Presentation Submission:
20th April 2019

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The Materials will focus mainly on the application-oriented topics related to the Heavy Industries like Oil & Gas Production facilities, Refineries & Petrochemicals, Pipeline, Power & Energy Sector, Automobiles, and Infrastructure etc. It will try to cover various metallurgy & materials related topics like Mineral Processing, Steel/ Iron Making, Steel Developments, Foundry & Casting, Forging, Rolling, Advanced materials, Ni-alloys, Cu-alloys, Al-alloys, Duplex material, CRA’s, Plastic Materials, Composite, Material Selection, Physical & Mechanical Properties, Pipeline Material, Automobile Material, Heat Treatment, Metal Forming, Failure Analysis etc.

The conference is going to bring together experts from academia, industries, research & development organizations and professional societies for sharing of knowledge, expertise, new technologies/ developments, Innovations, and experience in the emerging trends related to Steels and advanced materials for the Industry. The plenary lectures will be delivered by eminent personalities of international repute to introduce the theme of the conference. Each parallel session starts with an invited talk on the specific topic followed by contributed papers.


Tentative Technical Sessions

  • Mineral Beneficiation, Iron & Steel Making Process
  • Steel, Advanced Materials- its developments & applications
  • Non-Metallic & Composite Materials
  • Material Selection & Corrosion Control
  • Applications-oriented Materials for the Heavy Industries
  • Pipeline Material & New Developments
  • Developments in Automobile Material
  • Heat Treatment, Phase transformation & Surface Treatment
  • Casting & Foundry Technology and Application
  • Forging, Metal Forming & Fabrication
  • Material Damage & Failure Analysis

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Topics & Agendas to be covered

Mineral Beneficiation, Iron & Steel Making Process
- Purification of low grade ores, new technologies, Extractive Metallurgy, Scrap Recycling, Waste utilization, Refining, Agglomeration, Coke making, Blast Furnace & Alternative Iron Making, BOF, EAF, Electric Steelmaking, Secondary Steelmaking, Ladle & Secondary Refining, Continuous Casting, Specialty Alloy & Foundry, the importance of Refractories in Metallurgy

Industrial Materials (Ferrous/ Non-ferrous), various Steel & alloy grades & its application
- Structural Steels, Rebars, Galvanized Steel, Aluminum Alloys, Stainless Steel, Duplex/ super Duplex Material, Nickel Alloys, Super Alloys, Titanium Alloys, Zinc Alloys, Cu Alloys, Inconel, High alloying material, Emerging Smart Materials, Nano-materials and Nano-technology, New innovations in Alloy Manufacturing.

Non-Metallic & Composite Materials
- GRE, HDPE, Plastic Pipes, Plastic lined carbon Steel, Composite Material, Polymer matrix, metal matrix, ceramic matrix, Joining of Non-metallic Pipes, Smart Materials

Material Selection & Corrosion Control
- Optimum MOC selection, Corrosion Resistance, Physical Metallurgy of Steel, High Temperature & Cryogenic, Materials, Physical & Mechanical Properties of Materials, Metallurgical & Mechanical Testing, Corrosion property testing, Erosion Resistance materials etc

Materials for the Heavy Industries (Oil & Gas Production, Refineries, Petrochemical, Power, Infrastructure etc.)
- Materials for Marine environment, underwater structures, Sulphidic Corrosion, sour service, Amine service, Fertilizer Grade Materials, High-temperature material, Reactors, Heater tubes, Exchanger tubes, Vessels, acidic environment, concrete
corrosion etc.

Pipeline Material & New Developments
- High Strength Low Alloy Materials, API Grades, Coated pipes, Non-Metallic Pipes, GI Pipe, Composition and alloying control etc.

Developments in Automobile Material
- High strength Materials, microalloying elements, High Strength to weight ratio, Steel development etc.

Heat Treatment, Phase transformation & Surface Treatment
- Thermo Mechanical Treatment, Heat treatment temperatures and holding time, microstructure & phase transformation, Residual Stress, hardening effect, Surface treatment, Nitriding, carburizing, Thermal Spray, Metalizing, types and efficiency of Furnaces etc.

Casting & Foundry Technology & Applications
- Moulding & Core Making, Ferrous/Non-Ferrous Casting Technology, Managing Foundry and Competitiveness, Product and Process Innovations

Forging, Metal Forming & Fabrication
- Advanced Metal Forming, Hot/ Cold Rolling, Forging technologies, Extrusion, Drawing, Welding, pipe/ tube making, Plate Rolling, Difficulties & improvements etc

Material Damage & Failure Analysis
- Elastic/ Plastic Deformation, Fatigue, Creep & Stress Rupture, Fracture, Material Failure, Corrosion Failure, Metallography, Root Cause Analysis, Maintenance & Reliability

Who should attend?

Professionals from

  • Metallurgists, Materials & Mechanical Engineers
  • Steel Industry, CRA’s, Material Development, Ni, Cu, Al, Ti, Zn Industry professionals
  • Mining companies, Mineral Beneficiation professionals
  • Plastic Pipe, Non-metallic materials & Composite Industry
  • Pipe & Plate manufacturing companies, Pipeline Professionals
  • Metal Forming Industry, Rolling Industry, Forging Companies
  • Automobile Materials, Automobile professionals
  • Corrosion Management Professionals, Coatings, CP
  • Failure Analyst, Asset Integrity professionals, Inspection & Maintenance Peoples
  • Furnace Industry, Refractories, Heat Treatment Professionals
  • Welding & Fabrication engineers and practicing professionals
  • Heat Treatment professionals, Material Characterization
  • Production managers, shop floor engineers & supervisors
  • Inspection and quality control organizations and personnel
  • Academicians, Scientists, Researchers
  • Faculty and Students from Engineering Colleges and
  • Engineering and Professional Technical Training Institutes
  • Inspection & NDT professionals, Failure Analyst
  • Professionals from Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petroleum Industry
  • Energy & Power Industry, Nuclear
  • Petrochemical, Fertilizer & Process Industries
  • Upstream & Drilling, Offshore Facilities, Pipeline Professional
  • Aerospace, Automotive, Medical, Railways, Shipping, Defense, Information Technology
  • Maintenance & Construction Personnel.
  • R&D organizations

Invitation for Abstract Submission

Metallurgists, Materials/ Mechanical Engineers, technologists, scientists, and professionals from the Industries, Academia, and Research Organization are invited for technical paper presentation in any one of the suggested theme topics. Abstracts will be evaluated based on relevance, uniqueness/originality, technical content, and clarity. Authors are requested to submit abstracts not exceeding 300-500 words as per the guidelines through email E-mail Id:

To ensure wider participation, POSTER sessions will be held along with the oral presentations. Authors desirous of presenting their papers in the poster session may indicate their preference while submitting the abstract.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

Title:                Times New Roman; 14 Font, Bold
Author:           Times New Roman; 12 Font, Bold
Affiliations:   Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic
Abstract:         Times New Roman; 12 Font, 300 – 500 words
Keywords:      Times New Roman; 11 Font, Bold, Italic,
                             3-4 max.  Number of keywords

Delegate Registration

Kindly send your nomination/ participation details to

+ 18% GST will be applicable in case of INR Fees.
Author delegate fee will be applicable only for the Primary Author. Co-authors will be charged normal Delegate Fee. Travel & Accommodation need to be arranged by the participants only.

Corporate discount
10% additional discount if 3 & above nos. of delegates participated from the same organization.
(Not applicable for Author/ Speaker/ Student/ Educational Institute/ Spouse Delegate)


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